Early on in Watership Down, the rabbits happen upon a curious warren. The burrows are large, but there are few rabbits. And those that are there, while large and in good health, seem to have grown docile and reliant upon food given to them by a local man. They no longer know how to fight, […]

via The last rabbit — Res Studiorum et Ludorum

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  1. Gaheret says:

    I remember that story from Watership Down, which I read in my teens. It´s very accurate and truly horrible, and still makes me shiver. Acedia and cowardice can slowly bring a man or a people to unbelievable extremes of depravation. And to live by lies is far worst that any other form of slavery. It robs you from yourself.

    • That’s very true. Part of the horror of living in the USSR, for example, was that one would have to repeat what one knew to be false otherwise suffer consequences. The sad thing is that we even see Western nations, notably Sweden, following the same notion. Swedish courts have even ruled that truth is not a defense for speech which sins against political orthodoxy.

      I don’t know if you follow Josh W. His posts are always very insightful, and I can think of no other blogger who is more similar to me.

  2. Gaheret says:

    I know him from his work in Beneath the Tangles (although I never got into videogames). I will look for his blog. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! He does concentrate on video games now, but he also writes about films, anime, and Catholicism. I hope that you enjoy more of the content on Res Studiorum et Ludorum.

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