Nos Redivimus!

After an absence of almost two months, it seems fitting for me to add a note about how we intend to write more on this blog in the near future.  I use the plural in the hope that my partner, Thomp D. James, will have some things to say about the upcoming reviews.  You see, I have taken his advice to read Andrew Klavan’s Werewolf Cop and have almost finished Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.  The former author appears among his list of top ten novelists, and the latter greatly appeals to him.


A duel with words just might happen, but who knows?

At any rate, I hope to write at least one book review per week from this point on.  (Surely, I can manage that?)  As for the what to expect next, the review on Werewolf Cop shall be first, then an article on how Trollope applies “Show, Don’t Tell” in Barchester Towers, followed by a review of Anansi Boys, and by then I should have finished Taylor Marshall’s Sword and Serpent.

Happy blogging and reading to you all!

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