Jinhao Fountain Pens: Amazing at the Price!

There has never been a better time to try your hand at fountain pens than now, my dear readers.  Many companies offer very affordable fountain pens, and I may have stumbled upon the best one: Jinhao.  This Chinese company produces a beautiful and functional fountain pen for just around ten dollars!

IMG_4195[1] IMG_4196[1]

One thinks that there must be trade-offs in producing a fountain pen for this price.  Indeed, the nibs only come in the medium size, the finish is of somewhat lower quality (though still gorgeous), and the pens are heftier than most.  Some might find the last part a problem, but my large hands make its size and heft preferable for me.  (One can also reduce the weight considerably by writing with the cap off.)  I also love the pen’s triangular rubber grip, which prevents slipping.  The ink flow is very smooth–perhaps slightly too generous, but only slightly.  The ink converter which comes with the pen runs very smoothly with no leakage.  Some might prefer a screw on cap to the Jinhao’s snap-on one, but that’s just a preference.


Among the reviews, I have not read one which complained about the pen breaking down quickly, so I hope to enjoy these two for several years.  I’ll tell you if they fail to meet my expectations in this regard.  For those of you curious in trying out these pens, Amazon.com offers many great deals.  However, Amazon does not offer as many good deals on certain brands of ink, which is why I might recommend you to buy these fountain pens from Goulet Pens–especially if you’re a fan of Noodler’s ink, as I am.  (Though, I must confess that I’m currently using Levenger’s ink in these pens at the moment.  Levenger used to be my favorite, and I have a stockpile of these inks to go through.)  Happy writing!

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