How to Become an Uncle Iroh Level Tea Connoisseur

I thought that this post might be of interest to my readers here also. Enjoy this article on tea!

Medieval Otaku

I had thought about covering how I wound up becoming a tea connoisseur, but I already possessed a great level of devotion to the drink from the age of seven.  So, I shall spare you from what would be a long history and only mention the pivotal moments on my journey to my present level of expertise.  In college, my father introduced me to Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and I feel in love with their Assam Golden Tip.  From that point on, I practically tried every variety they had available, and learned which teas I favor and which I hate.  Concerning the latter, three syllable oolong varieties, Pu-erh, and Japanese black tea are all anathema to me.


As I plunged into learning about the different varieties, I learned what temperature water and time were proper for each kind and even the complex terminology surrounding tea.  For example, Balasun Estate SFTGFOP1…

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