I hate to recommend the Brussels Journal, but when they write about Barfield, I’ll hold my nose and recommend them

Gaikokumaniakku links to an excellent article on a facet of the romantic movement. Be sure to read it.


You should read the whole thing.


Here’s a short sample:

Significantly, the first sentence of the last chapter of History in English Words is: “Early Christianity, with its delighted recognition of the soul’s reality [and] its awful consciousness of inner depths unplumbed, had produced, as we saw, many words describing human emotions by their effects, and especially their effects on the soul’s relation to the Divine.” Earlier in the History, Barfield had devoted his Chapter VII, called “Devotion,” to Medieval Catholicism. Romanticism, in reaction against the self-lauding Enlightenment, revives a type of religious view, partly Christian but partly also Pagan, reinvesting as it does the external world and all of its phenomena with élan vital, metaphoric personification, and with the quality of pointing beyond itself to a transcendent realm. The Romantics see nature as creation. Firstly they see it as evidence of a supernal intelligence at work and secondly…

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