30 Days of Painting, Day 20: Soybean Field

Michelle Joelle is painting a series of pictures over 30 days. Be sure to check them out. This is one of the best ones.

Stories & Soliloquies

Welcome to 30 Days of Painting, my month long commitment to completing one painting project per day in the hopes of becoming more comfortable with the brush.

Day 20: Soybean Field

Today I went back to my roots and gobbed acrylic paint on a canvas at will. What I miss most when I’m doing a water color is the ability to layer, layer, layer. I decided to really go for it, and try to paint a soybean field with some shadows on it.

The first layer was pretty simple:

photo 1

Then I started to change up the colors a bit and add details. The soybeans took for-ev-er, but I really like how they came out:

photo 2

Then I added the final touches, and I really regret that tree sticking up on the left. I could probably fix it, but I’m afraid I’ll just make it worse at this point. There always…

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