Pirate Word of the Day – Kisscurl

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From the Dictionary of Nautical, University, Gypsy and Other Vulgar Tongues first published in 1859.

Here's a few kiss-curls. Here’s a few kiss-curls.

Kisscurl: a small curl twisted on the temple. See Bowcatcher.

Bow-catcher: small curls twisted on the cheeks or temples of young and often old girls, adhering to the face as if gummed or pasted. Evidently a corruption of Beau-catchers. In old times these were called lovelocks, when they were the marks at which all the puritan and ranting preachers leveled their pulpit pop-guns, loaded with sharp and virulent abuse. Hall and Pryune looked upon all woman as strumpets who dared to let the hair depart from a straight line upon their cheeks. The French prettily term them accroche-coeurs, whilst in the United States they are plainly and unpleasantly called Spit-curls. Bartlett says: “Spit Curl, a detached lock of hair curled upon the temple; probably…

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