Les Wins! We All Win!

This is good news. Now, we can see Sherlock Holmes on Project Gutenberg.

Aliens in This World

Sherlock Holmes is now free in the US.

Ever since Arthur Conan Doyle passed away, writers have been complaining about the crappy behavior of the Doyle Estate.* So it came as no surprise that, when the Holmes stories passed into the public domain, the Estate kept right on claiming that they had the right and duty to keep charging for use of the characters and quotes.

And since writers and publishers are mostly not a litigious lot, they put up with legal threats and prettified extortion of money.

Until Les Klinger, because he is just that awesome.

So this week, a scholarly gentleman who loves truth triumphed over the forces of thuggery, and got Sherlock Holmes (and all his fellow pre-1923 characters and settings) declared to be part of the public domain in the United States. This ruling doesn’t apply in the EU and elsewhere, but it sure…

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