Simply Floored

Taking a look at the result of Cristian Mihai reblogging this article on his premier novel stunned me.  Never has one of my articles gained so many likes (almost 200) or so many new followers.  I give my thanks to Cristian Mihai and all those who read this article and encourage me to write on this blog.


For those of you new to this blog, you’ll find that our main interests concern writing about authors, especially old ones–though, my partner has written about Stephen King and Andrew Klavan.  I was very much surprised by the quality I saw in Mihai’s work, which makes him one of the few contemporary authors I have written about here.  But, people have told me to branch out: my partner in particular has recommended King, Klavan, and Neil Gaiman to me, and a commentator to whom I expressed the desire to start reading contemporary fantasy again has sent me a huge list which I might finish ere my demise.  My friend and I were publishing articles on the authors listed in our respective top ten lists: jamesdthomps and Medievalotaku.  The contentious nature of these articles can be very amusing, and the best articles in this blog are probably our running arguments.  I also intend to write reviews on some of the works I have recently completed.  Look forward to those.

Happy New Year to you all!


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