City of Bohane

Raging Biblio-holism

bohaneThe Short Version: Logan Hartnett, leader of the Hartnett Fancy, is struggling a bit.  The Norries are getting rowdy and spoiling for a fight, his lieutenants are starting to cast eyes towards ascension, his missus wants him out of the game, and his ma’ can’t be trusted.  When rumor hits him that the man he once deposed is back in town, it sets off an interesting year in the city of Bohane – yes it does.

The Review: What an exceptional novel.

Remember the first time you read A Clockwork Orange?  How strange it seemed at first and then how your brain seemed to shift to accommodate the language of Alex and his droogs?  It is no small stretch to draw a parallel between that novel and this – in fact, Mr. Barry does it himself at the end of the novel, musing on how that novel was about…

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