The Other Churchill

One day while browsing iBooks, I was delighted to discover an edition offering the complete works of Winston Churchill.  To my initial chagrin, I discovered that this was not the complete works of Winston S. Churchill, but of an American novelist who was initially the more famous contemporary.  Their lives contained interesting parallels, especially in that they both attended military academies; but, the British and more renown Churchill only ever wrote one novel, Savrola


On the other hand, the American Churchill is responsible for many bestsellers, including the current novel which I’m reading, The Crossing, which was the bestselling novel of 1904.  The work is set in the years immediately prior to the American Revolution and eventually covers that conflict.  Our hero happens to be a boy who lives in the hinterlands of Kentucky with his father.  We are treated to a few historical figures, such as Andrew Jackson as a young man and Daniel Boone.  I am uncertain of the accuracy of Boone’s portrayal, but Jackson’s was strikingly well done.


The style of writing is surprisingly similar to the manner in which I write: much use of subordinate clauses but often using coordinating conjunctions.  It tends to be very character focus and dialogues tend to be unadorned with action.  The narration is in first person, and the kid narrates well the general mood of society as well as the actions of his father.  He is somewhat mature for his age, but that might be the result of the times.  The work seems well researched and I hope to be able to tell you more about this novel and our Winston Churchill in the future.

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