Collection of Old Articles

I mentioned that I originally started blogging on Medieval Otaku.  Here are links to the articles I wrote on literature and history.  I hope that you enjoy them.


C. S. Forester Has a New Fan

Conan the Barbarian, Light Reading, and the Wholesomeness of Myth

Anton Chekhov and Suicide

Still Alive and a Little on the Inferno

The Forgotten Socrates

Encore Une Autre Raison D’Etre Pour Fiction

Finally!  The Adventures of Captain Hatteras Reviewed

The Timeliness of Books and the Insidiousness of Vanity

The Best of Basho

World’s Most Popular Vet

Ever Read a Jules Verne Novel?

Fiction’s Raison D’Etre(I’m very proud of this one)

Review of Okakura’s The Book of Tea

Natsume Soseki’s Ten Nights of Dreams

Now for the two history posts.  I really did not cover much of that did I?

Review of Steel Boat, Iron Hearts

The Awesome Charlemagne and a Short Hiatus


I hope that everyone finds a few articles that appeal to them!

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